iPhone 14 Pro Max

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1. It is only compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

2.The ultra-sleek, stylish, and trendy iPhone case for MagSafe is made with plastic that has been recycled more than half of the time.
3.DROP+ can withstand three times as many drops as the military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6); it works with wireless charging pads and MagSafe charging pads with built-in magnets. The case has raised edges that protect the screen and camera, and it is simple to put on and take off for quick style changes. It also comes with an OtterBox limited lifetime warranty (for more information, see the website).

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iPhone 14 Pro Max (Pink)

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1. iPhone 14 Pro Max (Pink) This case is made to fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has a 6.7-inch screen. It has cutouts for the buttons, speakers, and charger, and it also has a raised camera ring to protect the lenses.

  1. Worked FOR APPLE MAGSAFE Extras – Our specific iPhone 14 Ace Max case is worked for MagSafe with exact magnets making remote charging simple. It is additionally thin and lightweight, making it simple to convey in your pocket and use with one hand.
    Our Speck clear iPhone 14 Pro Max case is designed to protect against drops up to 3.8 feet, has dual layers of perimeter protection, and is resistant to scratches. It was designed with life in mind.
  2. CLEAR AND NON-YELLOWING: Our iPhone cases provide product protection that does not deteriorate over time, allowing you to showcase your phone’s stunning color.
    5.TRUSTED, Imaginative Innovation – Beginning around 2001, Spot Items has made grant winning things going from cases for phones, tablets and PCs, to delicate merchandise that incorporate consistently into your way of life. In lined up with each new telephone send off, our cases are planned with style, capability, and premium quality as a top priority.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max (Black)

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  • UNLIKE OTHER GENERIC CASES THAT are mass produced, all of our cases are designed IN HOUSE FROM SCRATCH. From a concept, all the way to a finished product, every aspect of creating a product is done in-house to ensure that you get a product that WILL FIT PERFECTLY, HELP PROTECT FROM EVERYDAY USE, AND LOOKS GREAT – SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY!
  • ELAGO’s SILICONE CASES HAVE been TOP SELLERS on Amazon for the past THREE YEARS FOR A REASON! Each model our design gets a little bit better, giving you MORE AND MORE EACH YEAR!
  • LIQUID SILICONE WAS USED TO make this incredible case! The case ADDS GREAT GRIP AND PROTECTION to your phone while adding a SPLASH OF COLOR! Don’t sacrifice any aspects of what makes a case great when choosing elago. NOTE: DUE TO THE GRIPPINESS OF THE CASE, LINT AND OTHER SMALL PARTICLES CAN ATTACH. SIMPLY WIPE YOUR CASE WITH A WET CLOTH OR PAPER TO CLEAN IT UP!
  • FULL COVERAGE COMPATIBLE WITH your iPhone 14 Pro Max! The case covers all sides of the phone – including the bottom and buttons. RAISED LIP helps protect the screen and camera against scratches from direct surface contact. WIRELESS CHARGING COMPATIBLE!
  • elago is a DESIGN COMPANY FIRST AND FOREMOST. Our motto is SIMPLE SOPHISTICATION because we create products that are USEFUL AND AWESOME! WE ALWAYS CREATE products that WE OURSELVES USE, so we know YOU WILL LOVE IT!

iPhone 14 Pro Max (Black)

About this item :

elago iPhone 14 Pro Max Liquid Silicone Case, Full Body Protective Cover, Shockproof, Slim Phone Case, Anti-Scratch Soft Microfiber Lining, 6.7 inch (Black)

1. Unlike other generic cases that are mass-produced, all of our cases are designed from scratch in our own manufacturing facility. From an idea, the entire way to a completed item, every part of making an item is finished in-house to guarantee that you get an item that WILL FIT Impeccably, Assist with safeguarding FROM Regular USE, AND LOOKS Perfect – Setting aside YOU TIME AND Cash!

  1. For a reason, the ELGOS SILICONE CASES have been Amazon’s top sellers for the past three years! Each model our plan gets somewhat better, giving you Increasingly more Every YEAR!
  2. This remarkable case was constructed using liquid silicon dioxide! The case ADDS Incredible Hold AND Insurance to your telephone while adding a Sprinkle OF Tone! When choosing elago, keep everything that makes a case great intact. NOTE: Because of THE GRIPPINESS OF THE CASE, Build up AND OTHER Little PARTICLES CAN Connect. Basically WIPE YOUR CASE WITH A WET Material OR PAPER TO Tidy IT UP!
    4.FULL Inclusion Viable WITH your iPhone 14 Star Max! The bottom and buttons of the phone are also covered by the case. The screen and camera are shielded from scratches caused by direct surface contact thanks to the RAISED LIP. COMPATIBLE WITH CHARGING VIA WI-FI!
  3. elago is first and foremost a DESIGN COMPANY. Our proverb is Basic Refinement since we make items that are Helpful AND Magnificent! WE Generally Make items that WE, At the end of the day, USE, so we realize YOU WILL Cherish IT!

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